I may not know who I am but someone is calling my name
excited as a child that I have come naked to her door.

My body is the color of road ash and whirling dust.
My eyes are beach fires. My heart is the Gulf.

I came to you with arms full of peonies dressed in a rich man’s clothes
and you ignored me.

I came naked with nothing in my hands
and you accepted me as if I were a diamond.

Now my empty hands are floating in air.
I was born to be your fool.

I may not know your secret name but I hear your voice.
The sound of snow melt dripping from a glacier inside me.

Your right eye follows the rising sun.
Your left eye sees a thousand worlds going down in darkness.

Take me with you into that darkness
where there is nothing but quiet and the in held breath.

But when you breathe out there is such a shock of life!
There are trees going up in fire!

Children are born from barren wombs!
There are billions of cells dividing and multiplying from the one!

I want to sit down in the cold “I love you” water coming from the mountain.
I want to gather into my chest all your laughter.

Laugh inside me!
Laugh and make everything come alive.

My hands are pine trees on fire!


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