for Carol

Forgive me when I tell you I am lost.
Even though you hollowed out the rock
and made a temple in my chest
my heart is still sometimes a slaughter barn
where dogs fight over ribbons of blood.

Though I have heard angels singing clear syllables
that can change a stone into a man
and bring him crying to his knees
I am lost.

So many times I have been saved by Grace
heard the ringing of invisible bells that covered the laughter of demons
and drove them away.

I have killed demons by the thousands with a sword
baptized this world in their blood
but I don’t know for sure what my own name is.

Mother Mary smiles at me using the faces of grocery clerks.
The Mother and Father of the Universe tell me
I am their child.
But I am lost because I can’t remember every moment
in whose arms I am held.

Two times I felt a presence behind me
turned to see a god seven feet tall
whose open face was a shotgun blast to the heart!
But twenty-three years later I come to your door
like a boy crying with a fish hook caught in his hand.

I need your help to go deeper.

I have seen Jesus Christ laughing inside an oval of light
the color of lavender.
Seen Lord Krsna dancing in a conch shell that was clear as ice
saw him floating over the Gulf of Mexico
while seagulls mimicked his name
and mullet leapt out of waves to reach him.

But I could not reach him.

Shree Maa told me, “I am you. I am nothing.”
Shivabalayogi said to me, “I am who you are.
You can never forget your own Self.”

But every moment I don’t remember I am in love with you
is like living in a bombed city.
There is an emptiness in rooms where you lived
then left behind
that hurts like a pulled tooth.

I need your help to go deeper.

For a long time I was afraid to give myself to you
knowing I would be eaten alive.
Now the sound of my bones snapping between your teeth
is salvation.

I want to walk in the perennial garden
want to gather into my wide face the light of the sky
coming down at sunset to kiss me on the mouth
leaving my lips red as a girl’s.
I want to give back light to you like the moon.

My beard is white.
My belly like a woman’s three months pregnant
but in my heart I am a lover.
I am a bridegroom with a handful of flowers.

If the one I love is Shiva
let him be the groom and I will be three months pregnant
with his child.
Take these flowers from my hand and put them in my hair.

I am talking to the God who lives in the body of Carol.
I am singing these words to my wife.



    • Thank you Amidha. It is also a favorite of mine. I put it to the front of the site because of the song attached, which communicates a lot of what I feel. I discovered these women today and am stunned by the beauty of this song and the song about baptism that I also posted today. Do not understand your words, “but don’t soften the sharp edges too much!”.

      • Oops, I meant DON’T soften the sharp edges too much! I hate when I do that. I have flu and resultant brain fog today, but when I read it (I practically memorized it years ago), I thought it had cleaned up a bit, and I didn’t want you to clean it up TOO much….

  1. The music you post here is heart and soul music, or so it seems to me. I love it. I am more inclined toward spirit music, and long for that which is not accompanied by voices with their complicated histories and depth of earthly experience. Yet this is a good place to go when I want to rub shoulders with hearts that beat next to mine.

    • Thank you, Amidha. I also like to hear the angels sing but can never remember what they were saying afterwards. 🙂 I have heard that angels aspire to be human because our music has a better beat.

      • So said the Prophet, peace be upon him. He said that the angels will never reach the state of illumination possible to human being, because they are caught in adoration of God, while humans have the option of divine realization. But then I gather this a variety of angels who have, in fact, incarnated, and so I assume they know a few things the others don’t. A fascinating topic.

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