Because I have known the space between thoughts

known and endured terrible silences

I keep quiet, say nothing.

I find myself walking around the house in a coma

the right hand held in the left.

The moon sitting in the window is watching me like a child.

I want to be a happy man but if this house won’t cooperate

I will leave it!

I will wind the arms of the sky around my head and leap

into the subtle body of my soul!

When I become whole, I may never speak again

or I may speak for the first time of my secret visions

of my memories of angels in the cornfields

of the light around my Grandma’s coiled and braided hair

of  the green flames of pine trees.





  1. My first reaction was, this couldn’t have been written in 1973. It’s the same Charlie I know today! But then I read it again and remembered the difference between young wine and old wine and it makes sense.

    It’s a wonderful poem, finished enough for me, not that my opinion matters, and Yo No Soy Yo is wonderful too.

  2. Thank you, Rob. The only line I didn’t write exactly as is, in 1973 in the line about the moon and maybe the left hand/right hand thing which I use over and over for my own purposes. If a line or idea is worth using once, it’s worth using seven times! Most of what I wrote back then was crazy gibberish, pages and pages of whatever came to mind. But I also came under the influence of Juan Ramon Jimenez and I fell in love with his quiet and my own.

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