Rainbows in the Gutter


There were rainbows in the gutter as I passed your house today.
Golden oil leaking out of worn out Chevrolets.
Me I’m just another broke down man driving in the dark
driving in from Amarillo with my muffler dragging spark.

I met you in a honky tonk in 1968. Your hair was as red as South East Texas clay
and your face was like the moon  in the middle of the day
Right then I knew I was a fool not to drive you away.

I never knew just how you felt until you let me go.
You were always smiling, showing off the gold.
I worked two jobs to  have a dentist crown your teeth
now you’re gone with the gold in the night like a thief.

I never knew you. I never knew you.
Where have you gone
between the first blood of sunset
and the skull of the dawn?
You said you’d always be there
ready within reach.
Now you’re going for the gold
and I’m gnashing my teeth.

Where is my blanket now that I’m cold?
Where are your arms as I’m growing old?
Where is the payoff for all the lies I’ve been sold?
I feel just like a dixie cup filling up with mold.

My mind is a maze where a rat could get lost.
My heart is a gentle man wiggling on a cross.
My fingers close on everything that I’ve lost.
Now I’m driving down to Mexico, there’s a river I must cross.



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