What I grip is torn from my hands.
What I let go of floats away and does not return.
You are trying to kill me,

Before dawn you eat one hundred thousand children,
draw  water up the delicate veins of a morning glory,
make the billion neurons in my son’s brain jump alive
seeing a cricket in the grass.
You raise the dead   then threaten to burn them

I don’t know you.

I watch you coming up the street
broken houses bowing down to you in snow.
Even in the distance, your huge smile,
your teeth crooked with bliss.


Your mouth on my mouth speaking in tongues!
Your tongue in my mouth
a hermit dancing in his cave!
The whole world going up like cellophane in fire!


You say I should be alone.
You offer me this cup of wine, the full moon floating
perfectly in the center of it.



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