for Carol, Eli, and Jeff

“Your love is all around me and so the feeling grows.” The Troggs


On the road to the White Salmon River I feel intense joy in the palms of my hands
as if another world is being born in the air above them
and the hands are witness to this birth.
Beyond this I can say nothing.
Can hardly stop myself speaking in tongues on the public road!


I stop to urinate.
Looking both ways notice wild strawberry vines just past their bloom
in the under growth.
Some kind of flowering gourd there with leaves opening in tight spiral
around the toe of a discarded shoe.

On the toe of that shoe is a blowfly one thousand lacquered shades of green.
The illuminated green I saw once in the afterbirth of my son, Eli.
Saw once and can never forget
how I took it in my bare hands to the garden.

There is a green whose name cannot be spoken.
The green of the Prophet Mohammed’s eyes.
Peace be upon his eyes. Peace be upon new worlds
born moment by moment in the palms of our hands.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon the blowfly.




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