I will kneel before imaginary gods
Take their blue hands as wings
And fly as one of them into persimmon trees
To sing the sweet fruit down

But the one I love
Breaks the back of the world, hammering its vertebrae to dust!

I will sit before my willow fire
Banking heat, storing what light I can.
When night comes as increase of darkness
I will hold cupped hands against the afterglow of that collected light
And sing the songs old men sing before they curl into a bed of ashes.

But the one I love imagines this world
Then comes with wrecking balls, comes with hammers, comes with demolicious fire.

There is nothing better than to wake suddenly in flames!
Walking down the river road in a wedding coat of fire
I find that I am dead already!

These words are memories.
Hearing them, the blue jay turns his back
And lifts his wings into a locust tree.


5 thoughts on “PRAYER AT CHRISTMAS, 2014

  1. Charlie, you probably won’t want to “approve” this, but our recent correspondance prompts me to see what you’re up to. I appreciate the clean honesty and “high indifference” of your ability to laugh at yourself. I also wonder if posting so many images, however relevant, will take away from your good words. Knowing you, I imagine you could care less, but just remarking….

  2. Thank you for reading the poem, Amidha. The truth is that so few people come here, this site exists almost exclusively for my own enjoyment and I live by the short version of The Serenity Prayer, ie “Fuck it!”

  3. Hmmm. Sometimes I feel that way about my own blog, which is almost totally supported by what I consider to be a rather mediocre poem by another modern poet (not you). On the other hand, I am usually impresed by the people who do stop by. Not sure I agree with this interpretation of the Serenity Prayer, but your remark causes me to realize I’m rather tired of it!

  4. I quite like this one, by the way. Someone once remarked about a poem (not mine) that I posted on another site that “good poetry makes the universe crack open.” But then how many of us want that? Present company excluded, as the saying goes…..

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