“There ain’t no shortage of storage room for advice you never asked for, in the place where the sun don’t shine.” Chuck from Dime Box, Texas


My advice, since you didn’t ask for it

is to be sad and angry as you need to be.
When your heart heals and opens
welcome it back as your friend.

God has a body composed of 37 trillion cells.
Every cell is well lit and has a comfortable chair
where God sits in front of a mirror
watching himself brush out 100,000 strands of hair
each one long as a river.

When it comes to the universe, God has no idea
how he does it.



7 thoughts on “UNASKED FOR ADVICE

  1. where God sits in front of a mirror
    watching himself brush out 100,000 strands of hair
    each one long as a river.
    When it comes to the universe, God has no idea
    how he does it.

    Bravo Charlie! I loved this! It is so different and thought-provoking! You seem to have a very deep soul yourself! I hope others share how this affected them as well! Thanks for sharing. It makes me rethink again where I am at with my personal faith and thoughts of God…take care

  2. Thank you, Don. Tell me how it affected your personal faith and thoughts of God. If reading this poem has reduced your faith or made you think less of God, tell me and I will remove this poem immediately.

    • Hi Charlie! Don’t worry! Nice of you to ask. My younger self would have found it blasphemous as I was brought up very dogmatic in the New Apostolic Church BUT all my Christian teachings and beliefs came to a screeching halt the day my mother died 19 yrs ago…so much so that I sat in a cold room next to her body soon after she died in hospital and suddenly asked God in a prayer to challenge HIM and asked if everything I believed in about the triune God and all my Christian beliefs were true…and if so I asked God to give me a sign that my mother’s spirit was with me in the room by letting water gush out of the tap across the room…and a split second after it did! I didn’t flinch at all and just smiled cause I got my answer and since then have never ever doubted the existence of the God we as Christians believe in. SO your words I thought should really test others in their own search for the truth!It just breaks down that distance between us and HIM

      • Good. I honor and respect your faith. God, to me, is playful. There are 37 trillion cells in the human body and the average head of hair has 100,000 strands. The human being does not know what one single thing is. For me this knowledge of nothing creates awe, make me want to sing in honor of this Existence and the consciousness that is inseparable from IT.

  3. A fine example of how poetry comes from life. I love it when you let your delightful sense of humor out to play….as does God! This reminds me a bit of William Buck’s translation of the Ramayana….and is a fitting tribute to Terry Pratchett!

  4. I love this poem. At the end there was a sudden laugh, almost a bark of a laugh, in which my brain and thoughts were completely uninvolved. Since my thoughts weren’t involved there isn’t much else I can say except that it’s not often I run across a piece of writing that my brain understands is beyond its grasp. Very pleasant when it happens.

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