Bleecker Street photo by Rob Sacks

Bleecker Street photo by Rob Sacks

“He who depends upon his eyes for sight, his ears for hearing and his mouth for speech, he is still dead.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

You who are the eye of my eyes
what I hear has first been heard by you.

You speak in tongues for the living and the dead.
I am a ghost
come back to tell the living they can never die.

I came here to know the Fire as a wife knows her husband,
legs tangled in each others’ like roots of a flame tree
and all our leaves are burning!
Now your hands feel in the dark for mine but I am gone
where smoke goes.

We come here to cry, to bathe in this gulf of spilled tears
and to swallow the salt we are swimming in.
Everything in this world tastes of blood!

Now all my friends are like sparrows and the moon is white as wonder bread.
Our wings go on beating against this light.
I tell you there is a kind of dancing here
just not the kind the rich pay good money for.


7 thoughts on “I CAME HERE TO CRY

  1. Thanks for including our video in the post, glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed this poem very much, as always, your poems stir the feeling of deep love in the Heart, without which, life as a human being would be quite bland.

  2. Tonight I am grateful to have this overnight job, as I am afforded the opportunity to sit somewhere totally quiet, with a computer, and have very little actions to perform. Somehow this is a perfect job to have tonight, I see. Last night, when I stepped out back for a smoke break, two raccoons approached me quickly, I just as quickly got the heck back inside and went out front for my smoke break. I believe these were the same raccoons that just a month ago were much leaner and looking like preteens; well they have gotten quite stocky, and one of the residents has reported that he has been fighting with raccoons, so they are now perhaps more weary of humans. I’m not afraid that they will hurt me but I am cautious that I don’t want to hurt them. Anyhow, it is always strange when wild animals approach because they instantly remind me of how wildness is slowly beaten out of us in our cultural conditioning.
    Today I watched with my son Leeram and the 3 year old we were baby sitting, an animated movie Brother Bear; its quite good, you and Carol would like it.

    • I am also glad you have this job. Coons are beautiful creatures and have learned to lived pretty well with humans. Around here they call them “cat killers” because they do have sharp teeth. I am sure they were approaching you for food. I have a nice story about coons and our Baba, Shiva Rudra Balayogi. and will tell it to you some day. Glad you are my friend.

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