Big cloud tumbling high, the amazing flying sky
how the gulls are pillaging the town.”   Donovan

IMG_0793sky 2cloud 12cloud 11cloud 1IMG_0826IMG_0793IMG_0789IMG_0752IMG_0751cloud 13IMG_0754IMG_0824IMG_0779IMG_0782IMG_0792IMG_0804IMG_0805oneIMG_0823IMG_0789IMG_0795IMG_0787IMG_0758IMG_0756IMG_0168right eyeIMG_0304IMG_0167wxyIMG_0754200201202IMG_0438IMG_0873IMG_0852111333sky101sky102sky103sky105sky1041001100212345678911131415161234501020304IMG_1098

Guru Purnima Moon 2015

Guru Purnima Moon 2015

These are some snapshots of clouds, mostly taken from the deck in our backyard, also several from the front yard and the road we live on. I could never write anything as beautiful as one of these. Some are the most common looking of clouds, when seen at first glance by the naked eye but the camera sees more than our eyes do. What is hidden to one is not to another. There is more to every particle of creation that can be imagined.



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