Mr. Percy Sledge says, “Loving eyes can never see.”

Conked hair, big teeth with a space between them.
Space full of moon and stars.
His eyes are cargo ships on a black sea, burning in the night.
His voice, a sledge hammer swung against the heart.
Face split with emotion
Mr. Pain and Mr. Unbearable Joy wearing the same silk suit
Tied and belted with ecstasy.
Roll of thunder moving through him!
Fists clinched not in anger but in trying to contain the power of the Holy Ghost.

His chest is a black sky swelling with the breath of fire
While lightning flares in the blowing rain, in the blowing rain
Of his horns.

Mr. Percy Sledge says, “Take time to know her. Sleep out in the rain if she says that’s how it ought to be.”

Thank you, sir, for saying that.



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