Early morning I hear geese in a fog so blue and dense
I doubt the existence of the world below them.

There are mornings I wake to bells
days when I hear a hundred quail beating together
in a congregation of wings.

This morning I notice how light spreads along the ridge line
falling into the river gorge, breaking down through fir trees
setting fire to bark beetles struggling in white water.

When I forget the sky, there is a loneliness that can strip muscle from the bone
but I don’t know that until later.

Eventually the lion lies down with the lamb.
The orphaned monkey is allowed to suckle from a village woman’s breast.

Forgetting mistakes I have made
I see how two empty hands together make both full.



3 thoughts on “SOME TIME IN MORNING

  1. Times like these, a little Zen helps:

    “”Unwholesome states have already arisen and the work is to abandon them now, rather than to regret that they have arisen at all. To acknowledge deeply held beliefs, passing fantasies, unwholesome thoughts—and to abandon them.” —Leora Fridman, “Notes on Abandon”

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