Eagle Creek Fire 2017 near Cascade Locks, Oregon. Photo by Carol Hopkins

“This is the village of the dead.”


All around us people are setting themselves on fire.

Some for love that  is nothing but meat fried in yesterday’s lard.
Some for money or to hear their own names carried up in a wind,
as an offering  to the God who has no

Every human being is naked.
We see ourselves in mirrors and we always look away.
Only when  shame stands up inside us erect as fire
do we know we are burning,
do we see the sky is on fire and every breath of air we take
a flame.

Compassion sometimes means,
“Let them burn.”


6 thoughts on “COMPASSION

  1. May this fire wake us up to
    That which cannot burn.
    May this fire open us to
    That which IS beyond Form.
    May this fire remove
    The fear that divides us
    From our Self.

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